Book List for Kindergarten Reading

My Little McQueen began reading at 4, so this might be a slightly advanced book list for a typical Kindergartener. Still good read-to-me books to really be enjoyed at this age! Here were the favorites this past year:

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Fly Guy
(The Whole Series)

Tedd Arnold has really out done himself with this great series! We read every Fly Guy book he’s written from the library and checked them out… twice! This series has easy to read format and is very entertaining for boys and girls alike.

Elephant & Piggie
(The Whole Series)

Written by Mo Willems, this series is written as a dialog between Elephant and Piggie and sometimes a special guest. Foregoing the ordinary text on a page, Elephant and Piggie is written in a speech bubble format, like a comic book. It’s hilarious and kept my Kindergartener ecstatic about reading.

The Gruffalo

Cute and clever little book! It’s about a mouse who out smarts a few predators by telling them about his friend the Gruffalo, who was until then a made-up character.

Bink & Gollie
(Read Aloud)

Several well-written short stories about two sisters and their escapades. My three-year-old really identified with Bink and her colorful socks!

Pinky Dinky Doo

Another series of favorites! Pinky Dinky is an older sister who tells her younger brother make-believe stories. It is also a great series for reading comprehension because at the end, she asks her little brother questions about the story she just told.

Sir Cumference: All The King’s Tens
(Read Aloud)

It’s the explanation behind the math. This is a great read for learning about place value in the form of a story.

Ling & Ting

Similar to the format of Bink & Gollie, the Ling & Ting books are about the lives of twin sisters. Humorously written, Ling & Ting books are a great find.

Mouse Tales

Arnold Lobel wrote some cute and funny stories about a mouse. This is an early chapter book with each story lasting about ten widely spaced pages.

Owl At Home

Also by Arnold Lobel, Owl At Home follows an owl through some funny happenstance.

Magic Tree House
(Read Aloud)

Great for their historical value, and easy reading, the Magic Tree House books are an easy win for an easy afternoon read aloud.

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