Denver Zoo ~ Field Trip

After our visit to the Aquarium, we took advantage of the free day and went over to the Denver Zoo to further our study of animal classification. This was probably the most interesting trip we have made to the zoo. It was afternoon time and a lot of the animals were out moving around and eating their lunch.

The hyena was enjoying his lunch of what looked like a rib bone.

The tiger would walk up and back to the plexiglass window and we got a close up of just how big he was.

My little Princess enjoyed the giraffes. She thought they kind of looked like dinosaurs with their long necks.

The river otter was up eating some lunch too.

This time around we found the tropical area, a place that had slipped by me on previous trips to the zoo. My little princess got to pet a snake!

The bats were awake! Can you find them? There were so many they were practically everywhere.

This little animal was neat. It’s called an Axolotl, a salamander.

Stay away from these frogs! Each frog has enough poison on it to kill 6-10 humans!

A cool Chameleon. Look at how he grabs onto the branch.

A neat little yellow Seahorse.

This clam was huge! We’re talking 18″ long. Wow!

And of course something that only a curious kid would notice, he looked up at the top of the aquarium and saw this quintuple rainbow staring back at him.

A scaly rattlesnake.

That alligator was scary! Can you find him?

Hippos are so neat. Did you know they could open their mouths so wide? Here, I even took a video of it.

Time for the penguins to eat too. The feeder took questions afterwards and explained that the penguins are trained to eat in the same order each time. The Alpha personalities first and when they are finished, they are to go back inside. Who knew?!

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  1. Who would have thought hippos had such large mouths! Thanks for the video.
    And that penguins eat in a special order!
    What a learning day that was!

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