Dinosaur Ridge ~ Field Trip

We went to Dinosaur Days at Dinosaur Ridge this past weekend. Just west of Denver, along the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, lies a plethora of dinosaur remnants to discover. Dinosaur fossils, impressions, and tracks mark their way around the winding ridge.

The journey begins on the other side of the ridge some 150 million years ago. As you travel around the ridge, each step you take gets you closer to the present day. The 30 degree angle of the ridge uncovers the wealth of information below in stages, with the deepest layer showing the oldest dinosaurs.

During the special once a month Dinosaur Days, there are volunteers and enthusiasts available to help involve the kids in learning about the dinosaurs and the area. E went gold panning and found some tourquise, pyrite, and other neat gems.

The kids got to hear about the dinosaurs that were found specifically in our area from a Geologist! She showed us what to look for in the uncovered layers of rock.

They showed a once muddy area that dinosaurs walked on and left gigantic impressions!

J was pointing at the rock strata and a volcanic time found in one such layer.

We also saw what used to be a sea floor indicated by the ripples in the soft rock. This layer has a 30 degree up angle and is many hundreds of feet in the air now.

Here is another such layer.

J got to put his hand in a real dinosaur track!

The hillside was covered with them.

The trip to Dinosaur Ridge was well worth the drive to get down there. The guides were knowledgeable and the entrance fee even better, free! There’s supposedly a T-Rex fossil at another close site. We’ll have to make it there soon as well.

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