Free Travel Guides & Maps for the 50 States

I remember when I was in second grade, in public school, the teacher had us each draw a slip of paper from a basket with the name of a state on it. That state would be ours for researching that year. I pulled Wyoming. We each were to write a short letter asking for information about the state. It took a few weeks (to a second grader that’s an eternity!) before we received responses from our chosen states. I remember getting a pamphlet or magazine and a state map.

Now my son is in second grade this year. I was curious if this still existed. It does! And it’s even easier than it used to be to request material. This year, we are studying the 50 states, becoming familiar with the names and where they are located on the map. He already knows the western states, but still has to learn a majority of the eastern states. Every week he picks which states he wants to learn about next and orders them, for free. To help space out the learning over four months, we only order three at a time. You can order two a week to space it out further.

We just got Nevada!

As soon as we get them, we color them in on our map, take a look at the brochures and find out about that state. What things are there to visit if we were to take a trip there? What is that state famous for? Does it have any special features? Where is it located on the U.S. map?

The state links below will take you to online order forms where you can get the free travel guides, state highway maps, and brochures. To order information about a state, click the link and then enter your name and address on the form that appears. It’s really that easy.


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