Kindergarten: Week 27 (Prevention)

Piggybacking on the previous week’s topics of Nutrition and Exercise, we continued with Prevention. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. So true!

We visited the doctor’s office for E’s 3 year check up and measles vaccine. She received a check up from her pediatrician and got an all well and “see you next year” from the doctor.

We went home and played doctor with the kids switching off on who got to be the doctor.

They also got to play surgeon. J really didn’t want to be the patient, but E happily agreed. She didn’t seem to grasp the idea of being asleep for the surgery though. πŸ™‚

The best way to stay healthy is by getting exercise, so they showed me they could exercise like the adults.


He makes it look too easy!

We also made our own toothpaste. We used peppermint and lemon essential oils for the flavor which they thought was the best part. Surprisingly, they really love to use it instead of their regular paste too.

We also worked to get our garden ready for planting. Come on Spring!


I found a Bible curriculum that is super fun for the kids and just right for their ages. It’s called Bible Study Guide for All Ages. It uses an interactive comic book format for teaching the Bible stories.

Also has maps and a timeline so they can learn where the places are that we talk about and when they happened. LOVE IT and the best part is they do too!


International night is coming!!!

These cards were a cool find and rather cheap. They’re a 5×7 collection of cards depicting famous works of art. I think it’s supposed to go with a curriculum, but I like the freedom of just enjoying the art. E thought Mona Lisa looked happy. There you go, the long time question has been answered… by a 3 year old.


Our math this week is presented by the letter L… for library.

Pinky Dinky Doo books are the new favorite readers.

Wordly Wise, let’s expand that vocabulary!

Author: Olivia

I am a mom and a homeschooling teacher of two little ones. I am also a Biblical Studies major with a hobby in Creation Science. I love to research Biblical topics and how science and the Bible live in harmony with each other. I learn beside my children when we read, build, and explore with the help of our glorious classroom - God's green Earth!

4 thoughts on “Kindergarten: Week 27 (Prevention)”

  1. Yes, love Wordly Wise! and the Bible Study for All Ages!
    What else was in your toothpaste?
    A rebounder– yay! Good for you all— does Ben jump on it too?

    1. Ben says jumping on the trampling makes him sick. I take it he wasn’t a roller coaster kid as a child. πŸ™‚

      As for the toothpaste, I believe there’s Dolomite powder, baking soda, benonite clay, coconut oil, and trace mineral drops.

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