Kindergarten: Week 3 (Counting & Measuring)

This week, we focused on counting and measuring and boy did they find a lot of things to measure! We also did some leaf identification, played with light and prisms, went to do some crafts at the museum, went to Master’s Hand for P.E. and a literature class, read tons of books, played games, practiced writing and ended the week with a trip to Miller Farm.

I handed the kids a measuring tape and off we went. They measured everything inside, in both centimeters and inches. J held, I held, and he even got his sister involved. We measured…

and measured…

and measured more…

and some more…

and just when I thought they were finished, there was more.

Then we pulled out the BIG 300′ tape measure and we measured the length and width of Noah’s Ark. Genesis says it was about 450′ x 75′.

The circle on the left with the green and blue fuzzy guy inside is my husband. He’s a little closer than half way. The second red circle on the right with the speck inside is one of the ends of the ark. I’m standing at the other end. Wow!

The two red circles on the outside show the width of the ark. I’m standing about halfway, so the middle speck showing one of the ends is a little bigger. This little experiment even surprised me as I couldn’t have imagined how long it really was. I’ve read the Noah’s Ark story, but when I actually saw it laid out I realized just how Noah and his family got their exercise.

J started stacking a bunch of yellow Unifix cubes together to make a very long train. He wanted to know how many he had, but instead of directly counting every block we took blocks of ten and lined them up next to the yellow cubes. Then we counted the tens.

On one of our walks we gathered leaves from a bunch of different trees, brought them back and glued and labeled them on paper.

Then put come contact paper over it to help keep the leaves in place. A few of them we had to look up, so hopefully we got them right!

The Boulder library sponsored an art event for the kids involving light and prisms. The presenter showed the kids how light refracts and reflects and splits into different colors (prism).

They got to make their own “prism” by using some transparent acetate paper. They could also see what new colors are made when the pieces overlap.

J goes to Master’s Hand on Tuesdays for a couple of hours. He takes a P.E. class and a Bugs, Bears, and Bees literature class and has really been enjoying both.

We went to the museum for Discovery Days and while we were waiting, found this neat splash area to play with.

It was Pirates and Princesses week at the museum, so the kids made crowns, mirrors, Rapunzel in her tower, and a paper bag treasure chest, as well as playing in the sand digging for treasure.

Of all the reading books we got this week from the library, Mo Willems “Elephant and Piggie” books were by far the best. J reads either Elephant’s or Piggie’s lines and I read the other and we both end up laughing half way through it.

Sum Swamp is a great game to play to help with addition and subtraction skills. If he can’t add or subtract it in his head, we’ll pull out counters or the abacus and he’ll figure it out that way. I imagine he’ll have his math facts 1-10 memorized in no time.

We were going to do some handwriting this week in J’s book, but little sister got to it first. She thought it needed some color.

This was a neat little activity in the All About Reading book. Egg flipping with spatulas with the word to read on the back.

This week’s field trip was with the Homeschool group to Miller Farm. Wouldn’t you know it, they had the whole Cars crew there. Guess who was excited about that if you couldn’t tell from his shirt!

We hopped on the back of a tractor trailer and loaded up a bag and a quarter with onions, beets,

squash, tomatoes, and potatoes. They had more, but it was hot and the kids were done after 2.5 hours.

They ran through the makeshift maze, climbed aboard a helicopter, some submarine capsules, climbed through tires, jumped on a giant air pillow,

climbed the ginormous beach chair,

and rode the bicycle tractor.

One of the ladies on our tractor ride found a caterpillar which she gave to J to take home. We made him a little habitat with a few leaves and some water. We probably won’t keep him long enough for him to make a cocoon.

I made a delicious (hey, my husband liked it and that’s saying something) vegetable soup from what we picked at the farm. I was going to ask the kids if they wanted to help me cook it, but…

they were busy… measuring.

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I am a mom and a homeschooling teacher of two little ones. I am also a Biblical Studies major with a hobby in Creation Science. I love to research Biblical topics and how science and the Bible live in harmony with each other. I learn beside my children when we read, build, and explore with the help of our glorious classroom - God's green Earth!

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