Kindergarten: Weeks 21-22 (Heredity and Individuality)

We had a good discussion these past few weeks about what makes us unique. I asked, “What makes us unique?” J said, “God made us unique.” “That’s right,” I said. “He took a part of me and a part of daddy and made you.”

Onto more fun learning with the topics of Heredity and Individuality.

We have special genes that make us up. “What are jeans?” he asked. “Well,” I said, “they’re in your blood and they tell your body what you’re going to look like. Your eye genes developed to give you blue eyes. Your ears were told what shape to be too.” “Well,” he replied, “I like my eyes and my hair and my cars.”

They each laid down while the other drew their outline with a pencil. Then they got to color in their unique features.

J likes red, so he made himself red. Red skin, red stomach, red small intestines, and red heart. “Those are some pretty specific red genes you’ve got there.” I said. He looked at his drawing and said, “I like red.”

We looked through books and other pictures of people and pointed out things that made them unique. J pointed out their different smiles and ears, eyes, hair, clothes and age.

We made fingerprints on some official looking fingerprint paper and ink pad. He got to see how each of his fingers had a different print. He thought it was pretty cool that no one else in the world had the same prints as him.

With the help of his grandparents (for pictures we did not have), J put together a family tree, including his grandparents and his great grandparents. The kids drew the tree and put on leaves before we taped the pictures down. We discussed who looked like who and what features each person got from their parents.

Tada! Our finished family tree!

We’ve also been working on place value these couple weeks.

My husband was home one day and snapped a picture of me teaching the kids. It’s a good thing I had changed out of my jammies! A rarity he says…

Playing games,

more games,

and working with adding on the abacus.

Writing with raisins is going amazing! His handwriting and enthusiasm for it has drastically improved.

It’s also really easy when you get to fill out Valentine’s Day cards.

Scratch and sniff ones on top of it. Oh yeah, the root beer really does smell like root beer… mmmmm.

We’re trying some dialog from a Kindergarten Spanish workbook that seems to be going well. As long as I know how to pronounce the words, I think we’re ok. Hopefully they’ll learn the correct pronunciation of Como te llamas? from me. {Not Commo say yamma’s! Habla what??}

Phonic flashcards are not so fun by themselves, but when you line up your cars and ask them to say the words, it gets so much more exciting.

We’ve also done a lot of out of the house things. We took a trip to see the farm houses and animals at Timberlane Farm Museum and were given a special tour since we were the only ones there that day.

We went to storytime and got to race their cars in the hot wheels track right after. There’s a Laura Ingalls Wilder birthday event coming up this week at the library. Hoping to make it!

Once a month is homeschool day at Airborne Gymnastics. We went for the first time and it’s fortunate that we got it because it turns out there were many turned away due to the great turn out. It was a lot of fun! Trampolines, foam pits, balance beams. Yeah, we’ll be back.

E is part of the Mayor’s book club (J was too before turning 5). We went to a taping of the Mayor and a Spanish teacher reading the month’s books for the local tv channel. I just checked and the episode is not out yet, but hopefully it’ll be out soon. It’ll be here.

I also enrolled J in an Introduction to the Stage class at Jester’s. Of all the extracurriculars we’ve done so far, this has got to be the best. It does a lot of imaginative play, having fun with Simon Says games for learning what “upstage” “center stage” etc., and role playing. I would definitely extend this for another six weeks if he keeps loving it.

Sometimes I wonder whose genes the kids inherited. πŸ™‚

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I am a mom and a homeschooling teacher of two little ones. I am also a Biblical Studies major with a hobby in Creation Science. I love to research Biblical topics and how science and the Bible live in harmony with each other. I learn beside my children when we read, build, and explore with the help of our glorious classroom - God's green Earth!

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  1. Awesome πŸ™‚ we’re started doing place value with the Abacus too! I made up a little game for him with Cuisinaire rods that he likes a lot too. Maybe Jaden will too. Remind me to show you when we skype next!

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