Kindergarten: Weeks 30-34 (Plant, Animal & Rock Classification)

Spring is here! It’s time to remove dust bunnies from under beds, switch out winter clothes, and get out of the house and explore as the Earth returns to life. These early weeks of Spring, we took several different KONOS units and combined them into one. Gleeful exploration, tons of books, a few science experiments, and lots of laughter and memories later, we have one big unit on the classification of plants, animals and rocks.

As the dandelions popped out of the ground this year, they easily became the kids’ favorite flower. They were the first sign that Spring had finally arrived. Fields of the yellow flower sprang up behind our house. We took lots of dandelion walks and made bouquets from the ubiquitous flowers.

We watched in delight as the first buds on bushes and trees sprouted.

Our tree’s leaves however, had yet to make its appearance.

Evergreens… always green.

Even in winter the grasses are really pretty, but we’re all ready for some green.

Flowers, bushes, trees, and grasses. We always came back to the flowers. Any more information on plants is “Classified!”

We didn’t get into mammals, or reptiles for animal classification, but focused on land creatures, birds, and sea life. The zoo is a great place to see all different types.

Pegasus, definitely a land animal, no wait, bird, ugh! I thought we were keeping it easy.

This guy is anyone’s guess. I vote for all three.

We did art blots to focus on symmetry, but also made some creatures. Could be a crab

Maybe a lobster? Any more on animals is “Classified!”

A little picnic lunch and a nature walk at the apple grove and we’re off looking for rocks to classify.

We found big climbing boulders.

J picked out a few of his favorites at home

and made a game out of them.

We also checked out the Gems & Minerals collection at the Nature and Science museum. He was surprised to find out that salt is a rock.

I sent away for a freebie for some coal samples and they arrived in a few weeks.

It shows the transformation from peat into hard coal. I thought it was pretty neat, but the kids didn’t share my excitement even though I related it to what Thomas the Tank Engine runs on. Give it a few years. If you want your own though, here’s where you can get one (Coal Kits).

This was the best thing we did with rock classification that they really enjoyed. We made a volcano to share where igneous rocks come from. They shaped and formed,


paper mached and painted. I didn’t have any white flower, so this is a whole wheat volcano, complete with awesome psychedelic colors: purple, green, black, and red.
Here’s the video.
All other information on rocks is also “Classified!”

In other news, we played lots and lots of games.

Including a Spanish name-that-animal game with Princesses.

They practiced writing with their Aquadoodles.

Hey Aunt Alison, they can list off the sons of Jacob now and had fun organizing them on your felt boards.

Gymnastics is always a lot of fun!

Little E got to visit with some princesses this weekend. That’s a very big smile on her little face!

J made a painted storyboard.

They had a chance to learn that what goes up must eventually come down… with a little help from centrifugal force.

J even built his own Pipe Works.

Bible lessons are a blast! Even though they take 30-40 minutes a lesson, he asks to do several in a row. Love Bible Study Guide for All Ages!

But the best of all is when you can capture a moment like this and reaffirm that yes, they really do love each other!

Author: Olivia

I am a mom and a homeschooling teacher of two little ones. I am also a Biblical Studies major with a hobby in Creation Science. I love to research Biblical topics and how science and the Bible live in harmony with each other. I learn beside my children when we read, build, and explore with the help of our glorious classroom - God's green Earth!

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  1. I love that reaction to the volcano in the video! They didn’t expect what would happen? Lol Ellie’s lobster pic and her expression?! Precious!
    Thanks, Olivia, for capturing it all. Sooooooo anyone for pet rocks?

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