Kindergarten: Weeks 35 & 36 (Bread, Grain, and Yeast)

This unit we did a short look at what goes into making bread, namely grain and yeast and its implication in medicine and religious celebration. The kids helped make a lot of the things this week and got to enjoy the fruits of their labor.

We read about Pasteur and the discovery of penicillin, Passover, and fun books about making bread.

First we made the kid’s favorite muffin, veggie! They’re a hit with kids everywhere. Recipe!

Then we did some banana bread baking.

We made several loaves, so J wanted to deliver one of them to our wonderful neighbors.

They also made some pizza dough and got to put on the toppings.

Veggie (for mom and dad)

Cheese and tomatoes (for the kids)

Lastly, I had J make me some bread crumbs from some stale bread… his favorite part.

J wrote his first story book! We stapled together some paper and he wrote about what he loves.

He practiced writing.

He even kept a record of timing himself while running out in the rain to see how fast he could make it to the end of the driveway and back.

He worked on some first grade math.

Fed the birds.

And we took a stroll among the apple blossoms at the grove to wrap up the week.

Author: Olivia

I am a mom and a homeschooling teacher of two little ones. I am also a Biblical Studies major with a hobby in Creation Science. I love to research Biblical topics and how science and the Bible live in harmony with each other. I learn beside my children when we read, build, and explore with the help of our glorious classroom - God's green Earth!

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