Kindergarten: Weeks 6-8 (Money & Careers)

Money goes hand in hand with careers whether it be a construction worker, doctor, photographer, astronomer, or any of the countless others that drive people’s interest. My career, before children, was in the surveying and architecture industry. My husband works with computers and server systems. Wherever the kids’ interests take them will hopefully one day develop into their own careers.

There were so many to look at that we could have spent so much longer on this topic, researching all kinds of cool jobs and people in them. At three weeks, we just started to scratch the surface.

Backpack Bear is our new fun thing to do. Every new topic we explore, starting on Mondays, the kids get to find Backpack Bear in the house and pull out a card from his backpack. On it will be the topic of the week.

A trip to the library got us a few good books. The kids really liked to read the entrepreneurial (lemonade stand type) books. πŸ™‚

We stopped to watch a building expansion going on at the museum. I explained the parts of constructing a building and that there are steps and processes that workers have to follow. They liked to see the wet concrete being poured out of the hose on the crane and the workers smoothing it out.

We also have a new development going in by our homes. We sat and watched the big machinery push around the mounds of dirt for a little while. I pointed out the pink stakes and how they were marking a future road and that the large land areas were for new homes.

On our walks, we pointed out all sorts of jobs that people have: from the gardener who takes care of the grass in our development, delivery drivers, postal workers who deliver the mail, pilots who flew the planes in the air, and yes, even the not so much liked door-to-door salesmen.

We talked about where pilots flew and the directions they had to take in order to get from one place or another. Some of those routes that he drew has him flying over Russia to get to Antarctica, so I think I’d probably pick another carrier before flying “J Air”.

Our memory verse for laying up treasures in heaven. J asked how we could get treasure up to heaven. πŸ™‚

We started exploring money. We looked at all the different coins and determined how to tell them apart. We counted out pennies and put them in his pocket to see how many it could fit. Then I pointed out that the value for the other coins was more, so it wouldn’t take as many and you could see the relief on his face when he realized he didn’t have to carry around so many pennies.

Coin maze. The coins were laid out on the floor leading in different directions. If he followed the pennies trail, he counted by ones. If he followed the nickels, he counted by fives and so forth.

Then we did the coin throw. He loved this one! He would throw a handful of coins into several buckets.

and when he was done throwing them, he took out the coins and counted them up. Starting with the coin with the biggest value, on down. The competitive nature of the game, kept him interested in doing “big number” counting. Then he would proclaim which bucket won.

We used a hundreds board to count up coins to 100 cents ($1). So he could choose any coin, then circle what he just added to his pile on the board and when we reached close to 100 cents, he could count how many he had left to reach 100 without going over.

I started a fun activity back in the summer with this week in mind. It encourages helping out around the house, without grumbling or complaining, in exchange for receiving gold coins for shopping at Mommy’s Store. I wrote an article on it that you can read here, because it’s amazing just how well this works.

J decided to open his own store and sell me things. So he gathered things around the house and I had to purchase them based on what he told me the cost was.

We played a game called Little Spender. You’re given $5 up front and the goal is to buy things as you go around the board. The first person to spend all their money wins. While it’s great for learning to count money, the underlying concept of spend all your money to win is a little backwards.

We took a trip to the Wow Museum and got to run off a little energy playing with their grandparents who came to visit.

What Career’s week is complete without a visit to their daddy’s work and sitting on his chair? We had to get a special pass and everything.

They also got to run off some more energy at Sunflower Farm… their favorite outdoorsy place to go.

For art, we went over to the museum and got a little messy doing some special Columbus Day crafts.

We also learned about symmetry (J’s castle) and asymmetry (E’s castle).

The fun thing to do on our walks is to collect leaves and right now, they are all sorts of colors. We made designs with them… this is Wall-E.

J made his own. It was Francesco racing.

He’s really making some progress with reading. We started on the third reader of the All About Reading series and when I did the flash cards, he was able to do the whole Level 1 list even though we hadn’t gone over the new words yet. I’m probably going to skip a few of the stories.

This pocket chart and cards are fun to use for making up sentences. It’s kind of like the Mad Libs books except you don’t have to think of a noun or adjective, you just match colors. We made a bunch of silly sentences and some that worked, but he was in charge of reading them whatever we made.

We just started the Explode the Code series. I started him on Level 2, even though he can read the words of level 3, writing is a whole different ball game.

He really loves making up stories in his journal. He tell me them and I’ll write them and he has to draw the picture.

We are learning about the Divided Kingdom in church and we also read the stories at home. I was showing him a map of the promised land and how the divided kingdom split north and south. He then took it upon himself to draw the big fish that swallowed Jonah in the sea. Those are some huge teeth that “whale” has. Glad the real fish probably didn’t have them or Jonah would be toast!

Simple addition math war was a lot of fun and easy for little sister to play along since he has to solve her math cards as well to find out if he won.

We did some 2d patterns as well. I did one and this is one he came up with.

We finished up the week with a bit of mechanics. He learned how axles work and went to work making a car. Tinkertoys! Who remembers those?

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I am a mom and a homeschooling teacher of two little ones. I am also a Biblical Studies major with a hobby in Creation Science. I love to research Biblical topics and how science and the Bible live in harmony with each other. I learn beside my children when we read, build, and explore with the help of our glorious classroom - God's green Earth!

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  1. Such fun learning ideas! I love to see how fast they are learning and how much you enjoy this, Olivia. It warms an ex-homeschool mom’s heart πŸ™‚

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