Plastic Cup Bowling

We went bowling about a month ago and my son loved it! He liked the idea of crashing a ball into pins and making them fall down. So we duplicated the idea at home and laid out his plastic drinking cups into the same triangle shape. I gave him a light ball so that if he threw it too hard it wasn’t going to bump into anything and break it. (This is also why the light plastic cups are necessary, anything heavier and it would require more force to knock them down.) He can now have a great time going bowling to his heart’s content.

Supplies: Light plastic cups and ball.

Preparation: None.

Author: Olivia

I am a mom and a homeschooling teacher of two little ones. I am also a Biblical Studies major with a hobby in Creation Science. I love to research Biblical topics and how science and the Bible live in harmony with each other. I learn beside my children when we read, build, and explore with the help of our glorious classroom - God's green Earth!

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