Second Grade Curriculum Picks

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Second Grade is on the horizon for my little guy! After quite a bit of research and homeschool book reading, I’ve finally come away with our second grade curriculum picks that my little man will get to do. Here they are:

The Core
These contain the core of our subjects. These are done four days a week, normally taking about 2-3 hours every morning.

Bible Study Guide for all Ages
I used this program in Kindergarten and First Grade and he has really loved it so we’re continuing it this year. It takes about 30-45 minutes to do a lesson, but they’re a joy to do and they are easy to use. Little Man reads the text and follows the instructions for each section. The application for each story is also there so he knows how to relate to the story.

Spelling You See
We are using Level B: Jack and Jill this year. Part 1 uses nursery rhymes that he copies as well as a list of words that I read off in order to learn to spell. Part 2 drops the list of phonetic words and focuses on nursery rhyme copywork and dictation. Vowel chunks, tricky Y guy, blends and others are highlighted at this stage and the child learns by repetition and phonetic deduction.

Growing With Grammar
Growing with Grammar Level 2, starts introducing the initial sentence writing fundamentals as he begins to write more. Capitalization, punctuation, beginning parts of speech, all lay the ground work for good writing practice. The workbooks have the spirals at the top which is great for both left and right-handed writers. There’s enough practice to get the hang of it without being too repetitive.

Singapore Math
(US Edition)
Praised for the way it teaches you to really understand math concepts, instead of by rote flash card memorization of math facts, Singapore Math teaches you how to think rather than what to think. It uses mental math so that you can do math problems in your head, quickly. It’s workbook oriented, but uses visuals and real-word scenarios to make a connection to everyday life.

The Electives
The electives cover foreign language, art, social studies and science. These are fit into our day as a normal part of life. There’s no set time or schedule to sit down and “study.” Homeschool is life learning and these are incorporated into our life.

Getting Started with Spanish
This last year, the kids’ Spanish learning has really taken off. While they are not yet responding with a lot of Spanish, they are starting to understand a lot of what I’m saying to them. I am taking an online college course to be able to learn the language and using it orally with them. It’s the most “organic” way to learn a language. In addition, I am adding in a book called “Getting Started with Spanish”. It is introducing simple words like la, el, niña, hermano, mujer, etc. and it does it in very short, easy-to-remember lessons.

Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids
This is an amazing DVD program for kids (and myself)! My kids are picking up Spanish very quickly just by listening to the dialog between the kids in the film. It’s funny, bite-size, and relevant. Well worth the cost to buy this amazing program!

The Boys’ Doodle Book
This is a fantastic doodling book that gets boys interested in drawing more than stick figures and basic landscapes. Not that there’s anything inherently wrong in that, but it encourages the drawing of castles, cars, ships, bugs, rockets, and creative thoughts. (There is also a Girl’s version!)

The ultimate unit study book to pull from when we need something fun to do! Konos is my go to guide for everything we want to learn outside of language arts and math (It also includes reading books). It covers art, music, science, Bible, history, geography, etc. and it does it in a way that the kids retain the information through project-based learning. If you look through this blog, you will see what the kids learned last year and the activities that we did. Most were from Konos!

Games & Books
Don’t forget the games and books! You can check out my top selections on my Homeschool Treasury website for each subject. All the games and books listed there are ones that we’ve either read or played ourselves or are highly rated by others that we are going to as grade-level allows.

Have a GREAT homeschool year!

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I am a mom and a homeschooling teacher of two little ones. I am also a Biblical Studies major with a hobby in Creation Science. I love to research Biblical topics and how science and the Bible live in harmony with each other. I learn beside my children when we read, build, and explore with the help of our glorious classroom - God's green Earth!

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  1. Everything looks great! I’ve heard lots of good things about Singapore math. I’m guessing Ellie has picked up a lot from Jaden’s lessons 🙂

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