Biblical Genealogy

The Bible is an excellent historical record of events that centers around God and the Jewish people. The Jewish authors were excellent record keepers of their genealogy beginning with Adam and Eve which included names and sometimes longevity facts of their “fathers.” But do we know how all these people fit together? How does the priest Ezra fit into the picture? Or Zechariah? Or that the lineage of the Kings of Judah and Israel intermarried on more than one occasion?

Below is the complete genealogical history from Adam to Jesus, including the two New Testament lineages of Jesus from Matthew and Mark. This is meant to be a supplementary Bible study tool. Download, print, use, share, and enjoy!

Genealogy Page 1: Adam & Eve’s Descendants
Genealogy Page 2: Esau’s Descendants & Japheth, Shem, & Ham Map
Genealogy Page 3: Jacob’s Descendants
Genealogy Page 4: Judah’s Descendants
Genealogy Page 5: The Kings Part 1
Genealogy Page 6: The Kings Part 2
Genealogy Page 7: The Kings Part 3 & Prophets
Genealogy Page 8: Levi’s Descendants
Genealogy Page 9: The Other Brothers
Genealogy Page 10: Benjamin’s Descendants