The American Revolution ~ Early American History

My Little McQueen wanted an American Revolution themed birthday party this year. Yes, really! Ever since the 4th of July, he’s been fascinated with the revolution, the battles fought, men involved and the American flag. Most kids his age (6) don’t know what taxes are, so we started with that. They each received some gold coins then had to draw a paper from a bag. Some would say, if you have brown hair, you are taxed 2 coins and they’d have to put the coins in King George’s box. Soon, they had very few coins left.

Which brought us to the Boston Tea Party. The kids dressed up like Indians then climbed the playset (boat in the harbor) and took turns throwing the tea overboard. (The kids and I spent a few hours painting empty cardboard boxes for the tea boxes.)

Then they divided into two teams and took lanterns to ride through the towns of Lexington and Concord shouting, “The British Are Coming!”

At each town, they met the British and the battle began. They got their ammunition (water balloons) and threw them at the British soldiers.

Due to their bravery, the Americans won the war and 13 stars were sewn onto the new flag which represented the new United States of America.

Betsy Ross
by Alexandra Wallner

The story of Betsy Ross became a favorite with my daughter. She loved how the lady sewed a new flag and there were 13 stars on it in a circle. The story stays as close to known historical events as possible.

Afterwords, the kids got in some shooting practice

and they were actually quite good, despite the one that flew over the top of the roof.

They played with their Colonial and British figures and reenacted the Lexington and Concord battles. They learned why the British stood in a line to fight, instead of taking cover like the American soldiers did.

Then they pulled out all their stuffed animals and lined them up

and fought on teams against the other side.

He then filled in a map of the 13 colonies and the Spanish and French owned lands in America.

The Veteran’s Day Parade was also a great learning experience for the kids. They got to see some real heroes parade down the streets.

George Washington’s Mother
by Jean Fritz

George Washington’s mother is a story I hadn’t heard before. She was wholly dependent on her son, George, even writing to Congress to have them intercede for her because she falsely claimed that she was “in want.” She was even against him being involved in the military and wanted to keep him home for herself.

George Washington
by Ingri & Edgar Parin D’Aulaire

The biography by D’Aulaire is another great read for learning about the life of George Washington. Amazingly detailed and well written, it’s a great read for kids and adults!


There’s an Animated Hero Classics video about George Washington available for free here.

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