The Circulatory System

Continuing our study on the human body, we did a “Mrs. Frizzle” and took a field trip into the circulatory system this week.

A friend of ours, who is moving away, gave us her book The Way We Work by David Macaulay, the same author who wrote The Way Things Work Now and Underground. I love the illustrations he makes as he explains the workings of the human body. He explains the liver as a factory, depicting red and blue pipes for the veins and arteries. The Circulatory System is like riding on a roller coaster, eventually reconnecting with itself as it loops around. It explains the human body’s systems work in a way that is fascinating to both kids and adults.

The kids learned how blood travels through the blood vessels to deliver oxygen and nutrients to our organs.

First, the kids laid down and we drew their outlines on some craft paper. They decorated themselves with hair and jewelry. They even found some bird and leaf stickers I had lying around and stuck them on their self portraits.

We used some 6mm tubing that we purchased from Lowe’s for the blood vessels and they taped it onto their sketches.

The heart was a neat little addition. We used a 6mm primer bulb that I found on Amazon. It’s a one-way valve used for vehicles, but worked perfectly as a heart for our purposes.

Both ends of the tubing were connected to create a contained system.

Then we cut the tubing to be able to add the liquid in the reservoir.

I added about a cup of blueberry juice to a container of water. It had already been sitting in our fridge for 3 weeks, so either throw it out or repurpose it! You could probably use food coloring too. Just make sure you put down plastic under your project in case it spills.

Then we set to work pumping blood.

The each had a chance to pump blood through their own silhouettes.

Watch the video of it in action!

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