The Denver Aquarium ~ Field Trip

The Denver Aquarium had a homeschool day this last week and the kids got to expand their knowledge of animal types. They mostly have “fish” (sharks, piranhas, stingray), but we were able to find other kind of animals as well, such as frogs, crabs, octopus, tigers, and spiders.

This “light switch” wall showed the geography of several water features in the United States such as the Mississippi River, Gulf of Mexico, and the Great Lakes.

There were a bunch of medium sized fish, but if you look closely there’s one in the middle that has a different type of mouth, almost like a bird beak.

They had a fossil of a prehistoric fish on the wall.

There were Rainforest frogs.

Colorful seahorse around a sea of coral.

And even mermaids! My little Princess enjoyed the mermaid show. They dive down and wave and go back up for air.

This was my little guy’s favorite fish. He was enormous!

The kids also found out about the coral reef and the kinds of animals that live there.

This guy was soooo cool! He swam by and the kids didn’t even see him until he was passing by. Enormous teeth and great big gills and fins!

The burgundy colored octopus was neat too! They saw how they suckers on his feet worked to keep him secured to and moving along the glass.

I don’t have a picture of the stingray, but they were probably the favorite. The kids got to pet the starfish and shell animals too.

Great day for a trip to the Aquarium! Nice enough, it was a free day at the zoo the same day, so after we were done with the aquarium we headed over to the zoo to check out the land animals.

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