The Plymouth Colony ~ Early American History

by Joseph Bruchac

The story of Squanto is essential to the story of Thanksgiving and this is a great book that explains his life — how he was kidnapped, traveled to England, learned English and eventually returned home at the same time that the pilgrims showed up in Plymouth.

The kids reenacted Squanto’s journey and how he showed the pilgrims how to survive in America by planting corn with fish in order to help the crop thrive.

Problems in Plymouth
by Marianne Hering and Marshal Younger

The fictional Thanksgiving Day story of the Pilgrims in Plymouth. The story follows the adventures of Beth and Patrick as they travel through time in the Imagination Station.

Thanksgiving on Thursday
by Mary Pope Osborne

The fictional Thanksgiving Day story that follows the adventures of Jack and Annie. They almost spoil Thanksgiving with their city dweller mentality, but Priscilla may be able to save it just in time.

The kids wanted to make the Mayflower, so we procured a cardboard box, sketched out the general outline of it and they went to work cutting and painting it to make it look what the Mayflower probably looked like.

We styled it after the replica, Mayflower II.

We put pillowcase sails on it,

and they sailed it around back and forth from England to America.

The kids took home some little pumpkins from the Children’s Peace Garden field trip and we baked it but didn’t get very much “meat” from it.

So we used some canned pumpkin in addition to their pie pumpkins

and made a delicious pumpkin pie!

There’s a great Animated Hero Classics video about William Bradford that we watched as well. You can find it for free here.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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